100 Word Challenge

A step on from the 5 Sentence Challenge, children can respond to a prompt by writing 100 words related to it (or as close to 100 words as they can get). This really is a challenge as the children also have to remember to write in sentences and to make them as interesting as they can! Check out the website at www.100wc.net.

Fire Fire Fire by Max

I  wondered  what  was  behind  the door  . . .  I  saw  it a portal  to  the  never.  And  I  saw  a  gust  that  is  breathing  fire  and  a  Ender man  and  a  zombie  and  a  skeleton  with  a  pumpkin  head  on  it!

The magical kingdom by Laila

Lilly moved to a new house and she was so excited to pick her bedroom. Suddenly she saw this door there were two windows, she looked though them but they were all brown . Scared but excited, she turned the handle. Suddenly… a black hole sucked her up, and then the door slammed closed. I was trapped. I fell into a trap and landed on thick ,
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The scary dimension by Jayden

Although my leg hurt, I had a play outside. Just then, I heard a rattle in the bushes. I stepped closer and closer. My friend James gave me a baseball bat but it was just a cat. We looked behind us and there was a door. Scared and frightened, James peeked through it. I  wondered what was behind the door, but James was more brave than me. So he
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The mysterious door by Elisha

One day, I was at my friend’s house and we were playing hide and seek in the garden. Chloe was it. I hid behind her shed. Suddenly a door opened and I darted back to Chloe. I told her all about it. “There’s not a door behind my shed,” she giggled. “There is, come and see!” I commanded. So we went behind the shed. I wondered what
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The door by Millie

Down stairs there was a door. It was as white as snow. I went through the door slowly and straight ahead there was a rickity brige. I crept across, there was a creepy land called Halloween land. Out of nowhere, a mummy popped up and I was MORTIFIED but excited to be seeing a real mummy! Straight ahead, there was another door. I wondered
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The Mysterious Door By Katie

I wondered what was behind the door … The door was as dark as a horse. Although I was scared, I went and discovered what was behind the dark creepy door. As I went through, white sparks were hitting me and they really hurt. At that moment, the door brought me to a suspicious place but after I discovered the place I said to my self ‘I
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tree house fun by Eilidh

After breakfast , me and my friend Niamh ran upstairs into our room and to our amazement a door was at the bottom of our bed. I wondered what was behind the door… Without hesitation, we opened it. Then we weren’t at the house. I was scared. “Where are we because we’re not at the house?” asked Naimh. “I haven’t got a clue.” I said Immediately,
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The sparkly door by Elisia

At sunrise, I went in my wardrobe where I saw another door. Slowly I climbed into my wardrobe and I opened the other door… Suddenly, I went to CANDY LAND. I felt ecstatic – I was eating all of the candy cane trees and I drank all of the chocolate fountain. Hours afterwards, I looked at my phone and I noticed the time. Straight away, I DASHED
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The Mysterious Door by elizabeth

Megan and I went to the witch house, when me and Megan went in the creepy door, I knocked on the door  then the door opened. Megan walked in, me and Megan saw a shining door in front of me and Megan. I ran in and Megan ran in too. I saw a big jungle appear then Megan walked into the jungle. Suddenly the door slammed shut…

THE DOOR by Isla

Suddenly, I saw a mysterious, magical door appear across the road from where I was stood… I wondered what was behind the door. I kicked it as hard as I could and the door soon opened. There was a garden, I walked towards the pond in the corner of the garden, but then I noticed a swing on the opposite side of the garden. There
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