100 Word Challenge

A step on from the 5 Sentence Challenge, children can respond to a prompt by writing 100 words related to it (or as close to 100 words as they can get). This really is a challenge as the children also have to remember to write in sentences and to make them as interesting as they can! Check out the website at www.100wc.net.

birthday surprise by Alice

One day on a school day I woke up to the sound of my mum’s voice saying “wake up” so I said in a muffled voice “ok ok ” I stuck my leg out of bed and banged on the bedroom floor so I sounded like I was walking on the floor . But accidentally I woke Lola up. When I came down stairs I forgot it was my birthday!
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The mystery of the missing present! by Lukas

Once there was a poor little girl, her name was Nelly. One day ,at night, a present just appeared! Then hairy legs just appeared! She decided to chase it and got lost! She tried to look for it . She found a trap… “Thank god some one already set it of!” she thought.she walked on.and then she walked into a dead end. But at
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Freddie’s birthday by Freddie

Yesterday, it was my birthday. I had lots of presents and lots of money. All the presents were wrapped in nice, colourful wrapping paper and my mum said, “There is one more present hidden in a special spot.” She whispered as she walked out of the room. So I started looking for the hidden present but where should I start? I asked my brother (Matthew) if he
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One Christmas eve By Elisha

One Christmas eve at seven pm  my mum told me to go to bed. So I went to bed until midnight. Suddenly I woke up, there was a letter in my door way. I was mortified but I went to the door way and I read the letter. It said: Elisha you have got everything you wanted this year from Santa. I was really excited when I
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On Christmas by Junior

On Christmas I woke up really early because I was really excited. I woke up my mum and dad then we went into the living room and all the presents were under the Christmas tree . I had lots of little presents and my sister had the same as me. My mum and dad didn’t get as many as me and my sister but
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My b day by Calum

On my birthday I was ill so I couldn’t get anything from downstairs. My mum brought me a bowl of coco pops,orange juice and some sweets but my mum didn’t give me my present. I wanted to groan at my mum because she didn’t give me my present.The next day she gave me corn flakes ,apple juice and marshmallows. It was like she was trying to get
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The missing present by Isla

It was the day before my dads birthday and me and my brother were playing hide and seek. I was counting in the kitchen when I got distracted. I looked at the huge calendar hanging on the wall. It was just then I realised, I went up the stairs and into my room, but as soon as I opened the wardrobe door …my brother Flynn popped out.
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Christmas day disaster by Eilidh

It was the night of Christmas Eve and Dorothy was getting ready for bed. She was very excited. She went to bed and had visions of presents in her head. The next day, she sprang out of bed and barged into her parents room. “MERRY CHRISTMAS! “She shouted cheerfully. As soon as she got  them out of bed she ran downstairs before her nana and papa
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100 Word Challenge Homework

Can you write an interesting story with as close to 100 words as you can with the phrase: …the tiger was blocking our escape… Things to consider: Where are you? Who are you with? Why is there a tiger? Why do you need to escape?

New 100 Word Challenge Prompt

We are about to celebrate Bonfire Night when the skies will be full of fireworks. At the end of this term we will also enjoy the celebration of Christmas. So, with these events in mind the prompt this time is a series of words, all of which must be in your writing but they can be in any order. flame, crackle, celebrated, white, tomorrow
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