100 Word Challenge

A step on from the 5 Sentence Challenge, children can respond to a prompt by writing 100 words related to it (or as close to 100 words as they can get). This really is a challenge as the children also have to remember to write in sentences and to make them as interesting as they can! Check out the website at www.100wc.net.

New 100 Word Challenge Prompt

We are having lots of nice weather at the moment! To celebrate this, can you write a short story containing 100 words that include the words: … but it was far too hot… See if you can include speech too! Good luck!

New 100 Word Challenge prompt

This week, you have a photo to use as inspiration for your writing…As always you have 100 words to produce a creative piece of writing. Look closely at the picture and use your imaginations to tell a really great story. Good luck and happy writing!

New 100wc prompt – Deadline = Saturday 26th April.

Your prompt for the 100 Word Challenge homework this week is: … but I couldn’t find the egg… Can you write around 100 words, including the phrase above in your short story somewhere? Don’t forget to read through your work a few times to make sure you haven’t missed out any words or punctuation, and that it makes sense! Good Luck!

100 Word Challenge prompt – Until Saturday 1st February

This week, you must try to include the following 5 words in your writing: GRAND   PINK   GORILLA   BICYCLE   LAUGHED Maybe you could type these words in bold to show us that you have used them all! Good luck, and remember to write as close to 100 words as you can!  

New 100WC Prompt!

The 100WC prompt for this week will tickle your taste buds! Can you write around 100 words including the phrase: …the custard tasted like… Think about how to make your sentences interesting! Good luck!

New 100WC Prompt

See if you can write 100 interesting words that contain the phrase … but when I put the batteries in it … It could be linked to a Christmas present! Good luck!

New 100wc prompt. Deadline: Saturday 9th November

We have had lots of rain recently which has inspired our new prompt. Can you write 100 words about this picture? Think about the story that springs to mind when you look at it, and write your most creative best piece of writing! Good luck!

New 100wc prompt…

See if you can write 100 words containing the words: … the violent storm was … Think really hard about the words you use, such as interesting adjectives to describe the storm. Think about the different types of weather involved in a storm, and what might be happening as a result of this weather. Good luck!  

Can you write your own Aboroginal Story?

Maybe you would like to write about how the crocodile got its scales, how the lion got its roar or why the giraffe’s neck is so long? See if you can write a short story in 100 words!

New 100wc prompt

Can you write 100 words containing the phrase … the light was so bright…? Good luck! Get your entries in soon, the competition closes on Saturday 22nd June.