100 Word Challenge

A step on from the 5 Sentence Challenge, children can respond to a prompt by writing 100 words related to it (or as close to 100 words as they can get). This really is a challenge as the children also have to remember to write in sentences and to make them as interesting as they can! Check out the website at www.100wc.net.

New 100wc prompt…

Here we go again – new prompt time! This time,  try and write an interesting story in first person using the line …suddenly, the pain in my arm… Good luck!  

New 100wc prompt…

Your new phrase to include in your 100 words is… … the noise was deafening… Good luck, I can’t wait to read your entries!

New prompt for homework

Because we have just got back from our Easter break, your new prompt is … looking at all that chocolate… Your job is to write a story or diary entry using as close to 100 words as you can and it must include the above phrase. Good luck!

Our first 100 Word Challenge prompt

To fit in with Pancake Day on Tuesday, your first prompt is: Mum flipped the pancake up but… Can you write as close to 100 words as you can, making sure you include this phrase somewhere in your writing? Don’t forget to write in full sentences with capital letters and full stops and to make your sentences as interesting as you can! Good luck!