Solar System

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Things that interest me most

One of the things that really interests me most are video games and their history. One of my recent discoveries is that Sonic The Hedghog is no longer momentum based. In the 1990s, Sonic The Hedghog didn’t have a homing attack so he could only jump onto or role into enemies and keep his momentum. But now,¬† when he is going at high speeds
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Homework things that interest me joshua

Since I was six I have been playing mine craft on Xbox . The game is in a style called sandbox which means free roam and the ability to build anything from the raw materials you collect or harvest along the way. It is an immersive experience as you spawn in a random world in either creative or survival mode. Creative gives you infinite
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the thing that interests me, salvation army charity shop.

My nana works at the salvation army charity shop, all the work they do is voluntary so they don’t get paid. All the people who work there are kind and friendly. You can get things from CDS, DVDS, clothes, jewellery, toys and electrical items. I have donated things from toys I don’t play with and clothes I don’t wear. The money they make all
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Homework what interests me

One of the things that interests me is the Titanic, it interests me because it was a massive ship but why was it named the Titanic? I always wonder how long it would of taken to make it? The Titanic also interests me because what was it used for? To travel? Or like a holiday on a ship? When it sank I’ve always wanted
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Homework: Thing that intrest me: RNLI

The thing that interests me most is the RNLI¬†(Royal National Lifeboat Institution). It interests me because they save lives at sea but don’t get paid by the government. They do it through fundraising,¬†by holding events and people doing bake sales in the name of the RNLI.¬†They¬†fascinate me because they have loads of boats, all with a different purpose.¬†They have the Shannon Class Lifeboat (the
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maltilda george

Although Maltilda¬† was scared of the head¬†teacher¬†she was more scared¬†of the chokey. Despite miss honey¬†being the best teacher ever in the world, Matilda didn’t want to see Miss Trunchball. Because maltida loved books¬†her dad ripped her book up. The teacher was so mad that she stomped¬†around the room.   By George Pickering

Matilda by Sam

Whilst Matilda was happily reading a jolly book at her clean and tidy desk,¬†she¬†forgot all the bad things¬†shes saw at school¬†like Mrs Trunchbull storming into the room. After Mrs honey told the sad¬†true story of the lonely unhappy girl Matilda remarked “how do you know all that?” Mrs Honey replied with a smile “I am the lonely girl!”

Kensuke’s Kingdom by Milton, Megan, Dan and Kelvin

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New prompt – Deadline Saturday 7th March

Welcome back to our 100 Word Challenge! Your first prompt of the half term is … then when I looked out of the plane window… Think about what your story will be, and try and make it adventurous! If you complete it before Saturday 7th March, we can enter you into the competition and other people around the world will be able to read
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