George and the dragon by Charlie

There was once a village with lots of sheep. One day a dragon came and ate all the sheep, then started eating the people. George was a strong man who lived in the village and he had had enough! George got his sword out and went out to slay the beast. He went into the field and challenged the dragon to a fight. He
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giving up was not easy by betty

Giving no up was not easy but we faced it me and my best friend Amy   were  doing gymnastics  when some one challenged us to a duo we were about to start but she told us she was a professional so we did not have a chance  …   but at the end … we won by 10 points!  

giving up was not an option by Max

Giving up was not an option for (I) Pokemon trainer Max, I was up against champion Patrick and WE were both on their last Pokemon. “Go Greninja,” I said “Use Hydro cannon!” “Noivern use twister!” yelled Patrick They were both on half health. “Greninja use shadow sneak!” I had won by the skin of my teeth The end

Giving up was not easy by Lilly

Giving up was not easy it was Halloween night and me and my friend Amy was at this haunted house. “I don’t want to knock on you”  I shouted. So she did and we heard a creak inside. I did not want to go inside but suddenly we heard a voice but that’s for next time , bye

giving up was not easy by Amy

Giving up was not easy, I was new  at my caravan. It was just me and Betty to play together but after the second week of going we met people called Holly and Ollie,  they came from Hartlepool. We wouldplay all day and most of night. The next day we met at the park and Ollie would not shut up about omelettes.

Giving up was not easy by India

Giving up was not easy, while I was at gymnastics  giving up was not an option. So this is what had happened is I hurt my elbow and had to do stuff that didn’t put pressure on  my elbow. Rebbeca my coach said “Go and do 10 back tucks off the vault,” she explained whilst looking at the other girls. But I was too
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Solar System

Click below to see my website about the solar system. 😁 Please appreciate it at the bottom of the website!:)

Things that interest me most

One of the things that really interests me most are video games and their history. One of my recent discoveries is that Sonic The Hedghog is no longer momentum based. In the 1990s, Sonic The Hedghog didn’t have a homing attack so he could only jump onto or role into enemies and keep his momentum. But now,  when he is going at high speeds
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Homework things that interest me joshua

Since I was six I have been playing mine craft on Xbox . The game is in a style called sandbox which means free roam and the ability to build anything from the raw materials you collect or harvest along the way. It is an immersive experience as you spawn in a random world in either creative or survival mode. Creative gives you infinite
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the thing that interests me, salvation army charity shop.

My nana works at the salvation army charity shop, all the work they do is voluntary so they don’t get paid. All the people who work there are kind and friendly. You can get things from CDS, DVDS, clothes, jewellery, toys and electrical items. I have donated things from toys I don’t play with and clothes I don’t wear. The money they make all
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