Yellow 2013-14

Yellow Class Forest School Experience

Tell me what you enjoyed the most about your three weeks doing  forest school…

billy’s bucket jamie’s ending

The next day billy came down stairs and his bucket disapird and his mum and dad came in with billy’s bucket was emty  billy screamd what’s wrong billy you emtyed my bucket let me see NO why BECOUS THER’S NO MORE WARTER oh finaly billy got some warter yipeedoo my creaters ar back;) the end  

billys bucket harrys ending.

… The next day billys mum and dad used the bucket to wash the car. Later on they used it to do the beautiful and smelly flowers. Billy just woke up and he came down stairs but he saw his parents “hey what are you doing “!!” I told you not to youse the bucket look in side”!! ” wow said his parents I
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charlies end of billys bucit

billy its bed time the next day billys mum and dad got the bucit then they put some water in to the bucit. Then they went out side wif the bucit . Then they through all of the water on to the car. suddly all of  the butiful animals came out the peronts wer amased  wow thought, mum and dad that is butiful. don’t
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ruby h ending of billy’s

…   the next day billy’s mum and dad looked in  the bucket to see if he was   telling the troth and billy crept   down the stairs  and seed… hay I have seed do not go near it  so billy grabd the bucket and look in it in bed.      

ellies endig to billys bucket

…The next day billy’s mum  used billy’s bucket to wash the car. Then all the animals flew out …  when     bill goat up he wunderd  where his bucket went… Then he found it in the living  room he found out that his mum  used his bucket  I TOLD YOU     NOT TO USE MY BUKET .  

billy’s bucket kaila’s endinig

The next day billy’s mum and Dad used  billy’s  bucket but billy sed not to ues the bucket atlast    billy’s mum and  dad seen see creechs and billy looked in the bucket then

scarlett’s ending to billy’s bucket

The next day billy wanted a bucket so billy and his mum and dad went to bucket Then  billy found a shiny gold bucket dad found someone who will get it for billy .when billy ran in the kitchen and he filled the bucket with water and then but the bucket on the floor. after that mum and dad arrived and just made dinner.
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matthew ending of billys buckit

The next day billy’s mum and dad looked inside the bucket. when they looked inside it all the sea creatures are there and billy`s mum and dad tip it up side down and all of the sea    creatures come out. then flooded the house and some of next door and the garden

Deanna’s ending to Billy’s bucket

The next day billy was so exieted to see what was in his bucket now when  he went down stears his new bucket was gone hewas so upset he looked  out side mum and dad wher yosing it to wash the car billy was at his mum and dad. Next he went out side staping his feet and crossing his amars  and  in cros
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