Green 2013-14

First 5 Sentence Challenge prompt of the year…

Have a look at the picture below. What kind of exciting things can you see happening? Imagine that you are walking along this street and you are on the phone to a friend. Can you describe everything that you can see? You can only write 5 sentences… but they must be exciting! Good Luck!

Ruby and Angel’s Victorian powerpoint

Ruby and Angel

Ashleigh and Harry’s Victorian powerpoint

Harry and Ashleigh

Mohehman and Elle

Mohehman and Elle

Amy and Charlotte’s Victorian powerpoints

The vile Victorians by Amy and Charlotte

Lewis, Rebecca and Kieron

Lewis, Rebecca and Kieron

Billy and Luke’s Victorian powerpoint

Luke and Billy

Caitlin and Gabriel

Reddish in the Past – Caitlin and Gabriel

Jordan and Kai’s Victorian powerpoint

Kai and Jordan

Jessica and Matthew’s Victorian powerpoint

Jessica and Matthew