Green 2013-14

the shivering cute mouse by Jamied Joshuac

One very cold morning a mouse was shivering Jamie and Josh was playing hide n seek Jamie keeps on finding josh and josh never finds Jamie. ” a cute mouse is here” shouted josh it couldn’t move then Jamie went up stairs and look at the cute mouse. ” awwwwww its so cute ”  said Jamie. but it was shivering as it shivered they got a
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The shivering snowman by Luke

Once there were two boys, and they were watching a film in the living room. As the film was nilly finished Luke and Alfie rushed down stirs and Luke looked out the window, and there was lots of snow all over the house. So they ran out of the door and forgot to put all there worm clothes on and the two boys were still cold
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Boom Show by Sam

”We are going to see a BOOM show and It has a expert!” ”Ladies and gentlemen,boys and girls the BOOM show is now……ON!!!!” A man came on the BOOM stage and shouted ”WELCOME”! He lighted a piece of wood and then it made a BOOM!!!! The doors open and it had a wondufull sighn that said”THANK YOU FOR COMING TO THE BOOM SHOW!!!!”  

First 5 Sentence Challenge prompt of the year…

Have a look at the picture below. What kind of exciting things can you see happening? Imagine that you are walking along this street and you are on the phone to a friend. Can you describe everything that you can see? You can only write 5 sentences… but they must be exciting! Good Luck!

Ruby and Angel’s Victorian powerpoint

Ruby and Angel

Ashleigh and Harry’s Victorian powerpoint

Harry and Ashleigh

Mohehman and Elle

Mohehman and Elle

Amy and Charlotte’s Victorian powerpoints

The vile Victorians by Amy and Charlotte

Lewis, Rebecca and Kieron

Lewis, Rebecca and Kieron

Billy and Luke’s Victorian powerpoint

Luke and Billy