Violet 2013-14

Story starter 17th March

Here’s the story starter for this week! How could he have become rich?  Can you flashback to tell the story before this happened? The two coins in his pocket clinked together as he stumbled down the cold pavement, the holes in his shoes turning his feet into blocks of ice.  His heart was warmed though in the knowledge that he was rich.


We have been looking at poetry.  Have a look at our finished photostories: Ella – Winter poem PhotoStory1 Darcey –  Darcey winter photostory Kate – Titanic photo story Kate Lewanna – winter lewanna Rachel – The voice by Rachel Ciaran – Winter Ciaran Jack – Winter Jack Rayia – Rayia winter Hayley Winter Hayley Anouska – Anouska Titanic

Sounds of building the Titanic by Kate

Listen to Kate’s soundscape of the shipyard building the Titanic:

The sounds of the Titanic by Carter

Have a look at Carter’s fantastic work recreating the sounds of the Titanic being built:

Extreme reading on the Titanic! by Rayia

Here’s Rayia reading her book on the Titanic! I can’t imagine that’s a very relaxing place to read!

Extreme reading by Darcey

The Titanic by Carter, Ella and Anouska

Have a look below at Carter, Anouska and Ella’s super Titanic animation. IMG_0279[1]

The Titanic by Jack and Ryan

Click below to see Jack and Ryan’s excellent Titanic animation. IMG_0233[1]

The Titanic by Kate, Darcey, Andrew and Reece

Click below to see Darcey, Reece, Andrew and Kate’s super animation about the Titanic. IMG_0390[1]

Unsinkable? By Loui

Click the link below to see Loui’s work.  He was taking on the role of either a survivor, a relative of the dead, a builder or the owner of the Titanic reacting to it being called ‘unsinkable’.