Charlotte’s Web 5 sentence challenge – book review

Did you enjoy reading Charlotte’s Web? Which parts did you enjoy? Which are your favourite parts? Can you encourage your friends to read Charlotte’s Web? Can you use persuasive words? Can you do it in 5 sentences? Let’s see…

E-Safety Scenario 12

Someone – you’re not sure who – hacks into your computer. He or she sends out nasty emails to your friends from your account. Now your friends won’t talk to you because they are so hurt by what has been said. What should you do?

E-Safety Scenario 11

You are in a group message with your friends. All of a sudden, the conversation turns nasty and someone says some hurtful things about your family. What should you do?

E-Safety Scenario 10

Somebody keeps calling your mobile, laughing then hanging up. They do this at least 4 times a day. What should you do?

E-Safety Scenario 9

Joseph lives on your street, and he is known for being an online gossip. He has noticed you have your friend Seb round a lot, and he has asked you for some juicy gossip on him. What should you do?

E-Safety Scenario 8

You notice your friend is upset one day. When you ask her about it, she tells you that she received a nasty email from one of her brother’s friends and she is too scared to tell her brother or parents about it. What should you do?

E-Safety Scenario 7

Someone has created a fake profile of you online. It contains some horrible pictures and nasty comments about you. What should you do?

E-Safety Scenario 6

Your friend has a birthday sleepover. When you fall asleep, your friends draw on your face and place objects in your hair. You find out they have done this once you wake up… but what you don’t realise is that they have taken some photos and have posted them online. This has upset you very much as you don’t want people seeing you looking
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E-Safety Scenario 5

You receive a chain text message. It sounds quite scary and the recipient says that if you don’t pass it on, they will find you and make your life miserable. What should you do?

E-Safety Scenario 4

One of your friends has starting spreading a nasty rumour about Chris in a different class. It is spreading quickly via text message, Whatsapp and email. You don’t really know Chris, and everyone else seems to think this rumour is hilarious! What should you do?