Year 3 – Summer 100 word challenge

This week our prompt is part of a sentence. I think you can take this one in any direction & there are lots of things you can write about. It is: … but it was so dark that they…

100 Word Challenge – The Bike Stuck In A Tree by Reeco

I think this rusty old bike might have belonged to a little boy who was riding in the woods a long time ago. Something must have happened to the little boy and he had to leave his bike behind. It looks like someone has had a bad accident and crashed into the tree many years ago. Lots of years have passed by and in
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Hundred Word Challenge by Lana

Once there was a tree that was alive but it was grumpy.Everyone who walked past would get eaten, people thought they just got lost but they never came back.The next day, Howard the coward went wondering in the forest with no idea about the man eating tree…

100 word challenge!!!! by Alexis

Deep in the dark, gloomy woods there was a tree, however he had a bike stuck in it. After a while, someone went past that tree and the tree gobbled the bike up. So now it has two bikes in it.Then, the next morning, some girl went by and said, “hmmm…I wonder why there is two bikes in that tree?”. She walked by again.
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E-Safety Scenario 12

Someone – you’re not sure who – hacks into your computer. He or she sends out nasty emails to your friends from your account. Now your friends won’t talk to you because they are so hurt by what has been said. What should you do?

E-Safety Scenario 11

You are in a group message with your friends. All of a sudden, the conversation turns nasty and someone says some hurtful things about your family. What should you do?

E-Safety Scenario 10

Somebody keeps calling your mobile, laughing then hanging up. They do this at least 4 times a day. What should you do?

E-Safety Scenario 9

Joseph lives on your street, and he is known for being an online gossip. He has noticed you have your friend Seb round a lot, and he has asked you for some juicy gossip on him. What should you do?

E-Safety Scenario 8

You notice your friend is upset one day. When you ask her about it, she tells you that she received a nasty email from one of her brother’s friends and she is too scared to tell her brother or parents about it. What should you do?

E-Safety Scenario 7

Someone has created a fake profile of you online. It contains some horrible pictures and nasty comments about you. What should you do?