World of Teddies!!!!!!!

One day Lilly,Max,Charlie D and Aleya were playing monster vs humans Max ran into the bushes. He was in there for a minute or two then you heard Max shouting “What the is this thing?” Lilly,Charlie and Aleya ran as quick as a flash to the bushes. There was a round swirly black pink and yellow bubble. I mumbled “What is this thing? There was a
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The world of football

There was someone called Charlie,Bradley, Bobbie and Noah they all loved football but one day we went to football and Bobbie slipped and broke his leg. The ref said “stop!!!” There were two people who litted him up. So they carried him off. They were one nil up 0-1 but after that they went 3-1 Bobbie, Bradley and Charlie Noah was in net and
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The beginning of Johnny Horner!

Johnny Horner sat in a corner eating his Muller corner a.k.a yoghurt he sat on a stool looking like a big fool eating with a knife and fork although he could not talk he was like a harwk with his eyes peeled looking out at the field. With a pig on his shoulder as he did a big smolder as he leapt over the
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100 Word Challenge Homework

Can you write an interesting story with as close to 100 words as you can with the phrase: …the tiger was blocking our escape… Things to consider: Where are you? Who are you with? Why is there a tiger? Why do you need to escape?


“Arrrrrrrr!” yelled Max as they came into the pizzeria “Mangle?” asked Alfie “No, not Mangle, Max.” answered Max angrily Because of this dimension Max was Mangle, George was funtime Freddy, Joe was springtrap, Alfie S was Puppet, Patrick was Bon-Bon, Isaac was Foxy, Bradley was Bonnie and Charlie was Golden Freddy. All of a sudden, they saw two new animatronics, Freddy and nightmare. They
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The land of chocolate by Jessica

One day me, Leia, Max, India, Isabel and Crystal found a portal .so we all went in it at the same time. Leia asked, “Is it scary” India replied “No I don’t think so” (Isabel lands on chocolate) Jessica Shouted “I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!” Max said “Jessica you’re crazy lol!!!” “Can we eat everything here?” asked Isabel All of a sudden, Jessica and India started singing
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The dead land by Charlie

Once upon a time there were people called Bradley, Max, Lilly, Luke, Josh, Charlie and Beau. Beau and Max were zombies, Luke and Bradley were wizards, Lilly and Charlie were skeletons. but when they went to a cave a boss called the dead keeper appeared. So they all got a green super sniper. It killed him in 2 hits but then they all died
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Secret passage by Leia

The next day Jessica knocked on the front door saying “Do you want to go and play?” asked Jessica. Max came running with a new friend and I said,  “Hello,who’s this?” Max squealed, “Aleya.” I went “who?” Max spoke in a normal voice, “Aleya.” I said “oh Aleya,hi.” Aleya shyly whispered “Hi.” I said “Hello.” Aleya spoke normally, “Do you know about the secret
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The underworld by Max

“What just happened? ” asked Isaac as they came to a new dimension, the world of the dead “Oh, that happens when we travel to new dimensions. ” explained Patrick dizzy from travelling all of a sudden, Joe screamed as he saw multiple zombies, skeletons, ghosts and vampires because Max and George were vampires, Isaac and Alfie S were skeletons and Joe and Patrick
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THE LEGO LAND by Charlie

Once upon a time, there was a man called Jeff. People always laughed at him. One day Jeff woke up and thought school OH NO! so he went down the stairs and there was a yellow portal so he ran through… There was blood all over the floor but that’s another story. The end.