Escape from Pompeii by Leia

Tranio and I ran as fast as we possibly could to the harbour, we had never seen anything like this before so we didn’t know what was happening. But as we ran the sky began to darken and a thick cloud drifted slowly over head. as we got to the harbour the boats were going up, down, left and right, after we got to the boats the
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Escape from Pompeii

Tranio and I ran, ran as fast as we could to the harbour. We never thought anything like this would happen. The ground started to tremble, buildings started to fall down. We could hear crackles of fire and lava streaming down the big, crumbling volcano! We could see flames, people running. The lava reached the water. The sky began to darken. Boats were bobbing, bobbing
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Escape Pompeii By Kaiden

Livia , what is that it looks like ash I think, it is. Why would are protector do this to us, I dont know why , but  im choking . Ok the harbour  run, just run so we ran hand In hand  there a boat jump hide there there is dirt , ash and hair from this carpet in my throat in it burns and tickles , cant
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Escape from Pompeii by Alfie.H

There I stood in the middle of recked Pompeii. I rushed to a boat that was in the harbour. It was massive. I thought that I swam to safety but I swam to just as more danger… .we put pillows over our heads, we put our hands over our mouth. We were both confused as hell.

the best day of my life

I woke up in the morning in my old bed, suddenly my Mum yelled up the stairs “You’re going to be late!!” to which I replied “Late for what?” “Getting your starter Pokemon from professor Sycamore!” she shouted, How could I forget I might be late. “Bye Mum, see you later” I said as i waled out of the room I made my way
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sorry my series has ended

My the adventures of max series has ended but my Pokemon series has started. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Giving up was not an option! By Isabel

Giving up was not an option.I had to do this, not just for myself but for the team. The mission we had to complete was sky diving. We got ready to get on to the helicopter and jump out. I was sat on the edge and my hands were sweating. It felt like my heart was pounding! We jumped out of the helicopter…

Giving up was not easy by Lilly

Giving up was not easy it was Halloween night and me and my friend Amy was at this haunted house. “I don’t want to knock on you”  I shouted. So she did and we heard a creak inside. I did not want to go inside but suddenly we heard a voice but that’s for next time , bye

Giving up was not an option By Amelia

Giving up was not a option, when I had to leave my phone and I have to go on a walk but I did not want to go on a walk. “I don’t won’t to leave my phone though” I said sadly. “You can take it with you then” my dad said. “NO”! I shouted. “If I lose it, if I drop it, if I fall
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Giving up was not an option by Charlie

Giving up was not an option when Ralph lost his football in the bushes. Mia said “what happened?” when she went past. Ralph said, “Oh I just kicked into the bushes”. Ralph creeping in the bushes he saw a GIGANTIC SPIDER. HE SCREAMED as loud as his voice would go, he quickly ran past it and got the football although when he went home
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