5 Sentence Challenge

Every two weeks, the children are set a challenge to write 5 interesting sentences when given a prompt. Our aim is to get some of our work showcased on the ‘5 Sentence Challenge’ website. Check it out at www.fivesc.net.

Matilda by Alex

Mrs Trunchbull was a horrid teacher ,she loved putting children in the horrid,evil chokey. Miss Honey lived in an old lonely little cottage in a field. Matilda and Lavender happily walked into the immense school. Miss Honey was very upset when Mrs Truncbull dismissed her. Matilda  sat engrossed in a dusty book.   By Alex March

Matilda by Noah

Since it was time for school, I trotted into the immense, humungous doors however, I found someone called Lavender and we skipped happily into the grand hallway and found our classroom. Suddenly, I saw Miss Trunchbull , she was ugly, nasty, petrifying and tall then she started looking at me in a scary way SHE WAS A MONSTROSITY. Miss  Honey was a beautiful, kind,
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Matilda by Isaac

Carefully Matilda read her book, because she wanted learn as much as possible. Matilda heard when people go in the chokey they never come out so she was as good as possible. On Matilda’s firsted day of school she met the nicest teacher ever Miss Honey she did ever every thing protect her class. Since Matilda’s favourite teacher was Miss Honey she asked Matilda’s parents “Can I
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Matilda by Beau

20.9.2017 Matilda loved books, but her parents hated her, also, Matilda’s parents loved TV and didn’t like books but, that didn’t bother Matilda. Miss Trunchbull was a fat, ugly and hated teacher who has probably never smiled in her LIFE. Miss Honey was a lovely, humble teacher who thought she had a very bright class, since everyone was clever. Matilda went to the library
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Matilda by Alfie s

Matilda read her book although miss Trunchbull stomped looking around until Matilda rushed and silently put her book away! Until miss Honey loved Matilda she was afraid of miss Trunchbull throwing Matilda in the choky. Although miss Trunchbull didn’t respect that school Matilda showed miss Trunchbull wrong. Before Matilda loved miss Honey Matilda carefully pranked miss Trunchbull with a gecko. After, miss Trunchbull left because the children threw
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Matilda by Charlie M

Although  was very clever, Matilda was scared for her second day at Crunchem hall! Since she had heard the longest  time someone has been in the chokey for was 3 months solid. It was hard to go in!

Matilda by Betty

Miss Trunchball  is  such a mean head teacher. She puts poor innocent children in the chokey. Matilda sat reading a book, whilst Miss Honey took Matilda to her house. When Matilda got home, her dad was so so so so so so mad!   By Betty Impey

maltilda george

Although Maltilda  was scared of the head teacher she was more scared of the chokey. Despite miss honey being the best teacher ever in the world, Matilda didn’t want to see Miss Trunchball. Because maltida loved books her dad ripped her book up. The teacher was so mad that she stomped around the room.   By George Pickering


Miss Tunchball is fat and ugly and she is mean to every one. If you talk in class you will be out in the terrifying chokey! Matilda is a lovely girl she is kind to every one she is always nice. She meets a girl called Lavender she is nice to her.   By Lilly Adamson

Matilda by McKenzie

Matilda loved reading but her dad didn’t let her because he is mean, so Matilda stopped reading! Scarily Mrs Trunchbull stomped to scare everyone in the classroom. Mrs honey is funny, nice and lovely she helps everyone if they are stuck because she is nice. By Mckenzie Sinclair