5 Sentence Challenge

Every two weeks, the children are set a challenge to write 5 interesting sentences when given a prompt. Our aim is to get some of our work showcased on the ‘5 Sentence Challenge’ website. Check it out at www.fivesc.net.

5 Sentence Challenge for school closure…

Hi everyone, If you fancy completing a bit of writing on our blog whilst you are learning from home, can you write 5 interesting sentences based on this picture? Think about how to make your sentences exciting!

The magic box

It was a normal day, a boy was playing football and a girl was digging in the mud. Just then, she saw something red, so she dug some more. “Hey Billy, come and look at this!” And in a flash he was there. “Is that a box?” Billy said, “yup!” exclaimed Clara, so they took it in the house.Excitedly, they opened the box and to their surprise there was a huge, shiny red diamond.

The box by Aaron

Once there was a girl walking to school but she tripped over a box. The box was red, enormous and incredible. She quickly sprinted home and she put it in her bedroom carefully. “What is this?” she whispered to her self as she lifted the lid, but she didn’t have time to open it so she quickly ran to school. After school, she ran home as fast as
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The gold, sparkly, beautiful box.

It was Keely’s 8th birthday and she was still asleep. All of a sudden, she woke up and excitedly rushed down her stairs. She heard something weird, she opened her living room door and she was amazed because there was a huge, sparkly, gold box . As she lifted the lid a cute, cuddly, adorable, fluffy puppy hopped out of the box. Keely fell in love instantly and she decided to call
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Olivia was bored and so was her dog, since there was nothing else to do, she decided to go on a nice, long walk in the huge, breezy, muddy park. Dave the dog ran to the big, scary fir tree, he must have smelt something because he started digging ferociously. Olivia quickly ran up to the big, terrifying tree, where saw a ruby, shiny, glittery box which she was scared to
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The magic box by Megan.

There was a shy girl called Isla and it was her 8th birthday. There was a box that she was eager to open but her mum told to her to wait until the afternoon. It was very tempting  to open it and she thought, I’m sure it won’t hurt to have a little peek. Suddenly, as she lifted the lid a friendly genie popped out, “You have got 3 wishes” said the
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The magic box by Calum

It was a really rainy night and Elle was driving to Scotland .Once she got there she found a shiny, ruby, metallic box. Quietly she tiptoed because it was late at night but she wanted to see what was in the box. She had a little peak and she saw something red! She said “It look’s like a strawberry.” Carefully she opened the box and she got eaten
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The Magic Box By Katie

It was Chloe”s 9th Birthday and when she woke up and she rushed down stairs to open her presents but she peaked round the corner and there was a mysterious shiny red box.Chloe thought it wouldn’t hurt if she opend it . She opend it slowly as her mum was walking down the stairs. But as she lifted the lid…suddenly a cute puppy jumped
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The Magic Box by Hayden

It was a sunny, warm day and my mum was hunting in the green forest. Slowly she walked to a shiny, red chest. As she opened it 3 puppies came pouncing out lying on the grass with her. She took them for a walk and she fed them . After that she took them home to live with.

The magic box by macey

It was Millie’s birthday and she was turning nine years old. She was so excited at her bed time. She went down but the stairs were really loud. She went round the door and saw a red, shiny,mysterious box although she knew that if she opened it, mum would be really ANGRY! But no one would know if I have a little peek- it won’t hurt. But as
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