The Secret Passage

One day, Chloe, Freddie, Connor, Junior, Isla, Megan and Millie were at the park, and they were on the swings having a chat.

“What should we do here?” boredly Millie asked.

” I don’t know, honestly I don’t, ” gasped Megan as she was climbing the pole of the swing.

” I don’t know! Junior do you know?” shouted Isla.

“I don’t know Isla. Freddie do you know, because you know everything?” Junior asked him.

“NO not this time I don’t! Do you Know Connor?” Freddie questioned.

“Nope,” Connor answered.

“What’s that?” Chloe questioned fearfully. They walked over to it and when they got there they realised it was a magic portal that took them to a magical land.

As they stepped into it, they all came to a land of unicorns and candy, it looked delicious and magical at the same time. BOOM! The portal disappeared and a note fell from thin air. It said ‘To get the portal back you have to find the golden horn.’

They were all surprised, especially Chloe. “I think it’s in the candy maze.”

So they walked back into it. Right at the start, there it was – the golden horn! Mischievous Megan touched it and the portal came back. We went though it and appeared back at the park!



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